ECHO, Whom is it for?

« One tool for all those interacting with the student. »


« An interactive and intelligent tool able to support students throughout their schooling »

For the first time, ECHO provides a tool that facilitates student’s personal, academic and social successes. They have access to their results, calendar, private messaging (with teachers or counselors) as well as a toolbox of integrated teaching tools fully managed by their teachers anytime and anywhere.

It is only the tip of the " iceberg ", for the first time ever, an artificial intelligence, " ISA " , is able to offer them real-time custom comments and encouragement on academic and behavioral situations. At their discretion, they can refer to " bullying " and " homework " sections; powerful support tools available to them at anytime, even outside of school hours.


« A simplified academic and behavioral management tool »

ECHO system offers simple and effective management of your students, both academically and behaviorally. It also allows you to manage and record the results of your exams and assignments, as well as to monitor activities that will automatically appear on your student’s agendas. Recognizing that the task of teaching is already demanding, we made sure to stay in harmony with all its subtleties.


« A simple and effective way to understand the academic progress of your child »

ECHO allows you to view the progress of your child’s school performance, self-assessment and agenda. You will always be aware of exams, assignments and upcoming events. You can also access teachers' comments on your child’s behavior, as well as those issued by ISA for each subject of your child.


« A behavioral management optimized at all levels »

ECHO offers a very advanced and easy-to-use interface for personalized follow-ups of each student. You can easily schedule appointments with students, draw-up meeting reports, follow evolution and interactions with artificial intelligence between meetings.

The latter (ISA) is able to intervene with the student and offer solutions tailored to their specific needs. You also have the opportunity to chat with the students through an integrated chat room.


« A real time vision of your establishment »

As principal you will be informed at all times of the behavioral and academic activities of your students. There is a built-in easy to use statistical tool.

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