A very simple tool is the culmination of improvment.

In 2005, we came up with two major findings :

  1. 1

    Virtually all the key players in the education sector were using different tools, with most of them being disconnected from each other.

  2. 2

    Regardless of the type of tools used, one important element remained largely neglected: the student.

This led us to think about a brand new system based on a specific architecture, one that, not only included the student, but made them the functional and central component. A distinctive architecture where the student creates an ECHO within all interfaces liked to its core, including the parent.

We reached our goal!

Over the years and with constant collaboration from the teaching community of several schools, we have fine-tuned and produced an extremely sophisticated tool. This synergy we have established with the schools continues to grow to the ongoing benefit of everyone involved.

At this time, ECHO is a highly advanced system, and this, thanks to the participation of hundreds of key educators, and an element that no other system will ever possess… I.S.A.

  • Louis-Raphaël Tremblay

    Louis-Raphaël Tremblay

    Co-founder / CEO
  • Bruno Turbide

    Bruno Turbide

    Co-founder / VP Development

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