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« A very simple tool is the culmination of improvement. »


We didn't just design a student interface, we have focused Echo's entire architecture on the student. This simple paradigm shift provides vast advantages for all action-taking in schools.


Whether it is to keep parents informed in real-time or to make a quick follow-up of a student, Echo is designed to facilitate communication between all actors in schools.


For several reasons, Echo is presently the most advanced tool for schools.

An assisted support system (I.S.A.)

I.S.A. personifies a new kind of smart tool for schools. She is able to understand, monitor and assist students both in their personal and academic journey.

I.S.A. was initially designed to provide feedback and encouragement in real time according to the results of the student. In other words, it allows the development of metacognitive skills of the student, an essential component of academic success. This is exactly as if each students had their own " virtual teacher " that follows them throughout their course of study.

This is revolutionary in the intervention practices. It gives a whole new dimension to the school’s persistence principles.

Help and support should be easily given and at any time. With I.S.A. limits are inexistent...

A truly innovative tool to strive against bullying

A new word to your vocabulary : support smart engine.

The support smart engine technology, unique to Ellipse Synergy is a tool that is infinitely versatile. It’s first task, however, is to help people break their isolation when living different issues.

This technology can bear many names. We like to call it " virtual counselor ". Perhaps you think it can be used to replace a human, think again.

There is evidence that over 40% of people ( regardless of age ) need support regarding one or several personal or social problems. Yet only 6% of them use conventional resources. What happens with the 34% who do not consult ?

This innovative technology is entirely integrated into the interface of the student to offer support, if they live with bullying.

  • This allows for the first time to intervene with bullied students from within their isolation.

  • I.S.A. gives in real-time anytime ongoing support, to face their problems.

  • It supports the process of communication between the students and the appropriate resources for their problems.


Introducing ECHO
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Introducing I.S.A
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Serving more than 100 000 students

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